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About Craft Me Baby

About us


Laura del Pozo
Marcos Lloret


Fundadora y Co-directora


Fundador y Co-director

Craft Me Baby is a craft market based in London born from the will of helping people to sell their crafts and let people to buy them through the easiest way.

Both founders are totally decided to build the best on-line market for making artisans easier to sell their crafts, reducing costs of creating a web page from the start, promoting it, etc.

We want to every craft maker have their own specialised shop, each one optimized for buying and selling goods and unic items.

Our commitment with our users (sellers and customers) is to offer the most personalized customer service, the easiest payment transactions (unifiying payments) and the will of make the artisan feel fulfilled with the job well done.


In addition to all that we would aslo help the most needed, if you want to know more about our solidarity project, clic here