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We know that starting up is tough this is why we want to help you selling your products. Open your shop now in our Solidarity Maket Place and find customers for free.
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What can I sell?



Antiques and vintage products

Antiques and
vintage products
Supplies Crafts Antiques and
vintage products

Which kind of shop should I open?

Open your shop on Craft Me Baby and you’ll get a showcase were you can promote your products, with your own url. Your shop has payment getaway direct to your PayPal account and a private area for managing your stock, orders, statistics, and much more! You put your products and we take care of bring customers. Are you interested in?
We offer you 2 kind of shops. Choose the one that suits you.
FREE till 10 50 products uploaded
  • You want to try our service, know how it works.
  • You have 10 50 or less products in stock
  • You prefer to increase your sales step by step.
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FROM 68£ 23£ per month
  • You want to use our whole service.
  • Your production and stock is considerable.
  • You want to increase your incomes in a short term.
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Want to know more?

How you
get the money
Our commissions
Advices for
the seller
  • You will get the payments through PayPal.
  • We will send you an e-mail when someone purchases one of your crafts.
  • NO SELLING COMMISSION! till November of 2016.
  • You don’t have to do anything except use your paypal account and accept our terms of service.
  • We offer marketing services to increase your sales.
  • Note: PayPal may get a commission for their services.
  • We give the 7% of our total benefits to solidarity projects.
  • The grant will finance strictly the project not the organization itself.
  • You’ll be up to date about on how you’re helping the most needed people.
  • We provide marketing tools designed for you.
  • You’ve got a wide range of options to improve your visibility or promote your products.
  • You can use the information that we provide about your shop to increase your sales.